Stargazer Guild

Stargazer Guild
Photo by Jackson Hendry / Unsplash

Whether this is a statement on the trauma of my upbringing or not, I derive great peace from contributing to others' happiness and empowerment (and animals', though it's less empowerment and more snuggles). I created Stargazer Guild from a desire to show people they're not alone while guiding them through roadblocks in their lives. Though I have been burnt out for longer than I care to admit, I still managed to work with a gifted thought coach who is the reason I'm still here today.

The Mayo Clinic calls it "Job Burnout", but after four years of the Mango Mussolini and two years of a pandemic, I'm going to call it "State of the World Burnout That Also Affects Jobs and Every Other Area of Your Life" SOTWBTAAJAEOAOYL for short. Let's.....SOTWB. There we go.

Stargazer Guild got its name from two different personal life experiences. We'll start with "guild" because I already mentioned above that my work guiding clients through roadblocks builds a teamwork-makes-the-dream-work of the highest order.

Guild /ɡild/

  • a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power.
  • an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

Pretty straight-forward.

Stargazer is less straightforward but more personal. There was a moment in grad school when I was struggling. A friend came to pick me up at midnight to just drive around and talk. We wound up parked on top of a large hill in a parking lot that overlooked a town below with the backdrop of the night sky taking up most of our field of vision; it was breathtaking.

I've always known I was a nyctophile (n. a strong preference for darkness or night), but this was another experience entirely from simply being a night owl.

It helped me to see that when I'm in the dark looking up at the stars, whether sitting in a car or around a campfire, the world gets very quiet and my thoughts become clear. As someone with ADHD, this is a gift. I find peace in the night sky and I want to share that with as many people as I can.

Stargazer Guild.