The Origin of High King Margo's Name

A few years ago, a friend of mine who knows I'm a Potterhead (anti-TERF but pro-everyone-else-who-has-put-their-heart-and-soul-into-a-series-that-supports-countless-families-and-communities) recommended a show on SyFy called The Magicians. They pitched it as "Harry Potter meets Glee meets Narnia but in grad school" and they had my attention.

The show starts in a very hero's journey kind of way with our main character, Quentin, being plucked from reality to find out he's a magician. He grew up reading a fantasy book series called Fillory and Further, and suffering from crippling depression. I can totally relate to falling into fantasy to escape from reality.

Quentin meets two older students at his new school named Eliot and Margo. Long story short, they all find out that Fillory, the land from the famous fantasy book series, is actually real. Not only that, but only Children of Earth can be Kings and Queens...sound familiar? coughNarniacough

After Margo spends some time as High Queen with no real power to speak of - Fillory is backwards as fuck and they only care about High King - the talking animals, who outnumber the human Fillorians about 20-to-1, elect Margo as their High King.

Yes. Margo. A woman. As High King. I'm not a big history buff, but Hatshepsut is the only woman King I've ever heard of.

As a character, Margo is as progressive as they come. She is all about equality, equity, sex positivity, body positivity, bodily autonomy, and so much more. When I decided I was going to get a shuttle bus and turn it into a skoolie camper, I wanted to name her something amazing. She was initially a party bus equipped with stripper poles, black lights, and a splotchy black and white motif that looked vaguely like cowhide. Her original name was Strip Steak....for obvious reasons.

Once she was complete, she was re-christened High King Margo. I may be forty. I may be fat from decades of an eating disorder. I may have a shitty back and bad knees. I may laugh too loud and talk too much. I may have ADHD, anxiety, depression, and a host of other neurospicy shit I need to deal with on a daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute basis.

But I'm a king. Not a princess. A king.

To High King Margo.

Long may she reign.

A few of my favorite Margo quotes:

  • Don’t cock out on me. I would have said pussy, but let’s be honest – which one is stronger?
  • I’m a king. Not a goddamn princess. A king.
  • Ovary Up.

Two of my favorite Margo scenes that just happen to be from the same episode:

She's a king. Not a goddamn princess.
There's truth in the thunder.